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My site has upgraded from ATLA RDB with ATLAS to ATLA RDB with ATLAS PLUS and I have various permalinks in libguides and syllabi that no longer work with the upgrade, so how should I handle updating the links?

Customers will need to update their direct URLs if their link redirects to a specific database. The links point to a specific database shortcode, and since the new databases will have different shortcodes than the old ones, they will need to be revised.

Here are two permalinks as examples to show how/where they would need to be updated to work:

You may find that simply using a “find and replace” function in your documents may make updating URLs easier and faster.  For example, find “db=rfh” and replace with “db=lsdar

Here is a link to all the database shortcodes, including those for all ATLA databases, to help identify products:


If the URL points to a profile or group, and that’s how the user accesses the database, then they will not need to update their URLs; nothing about the profile or database shortcode will be changing, so those can stay.

If you have further questions, please contact EBSCO Product Support by calling 1-800-758-5995 or by completing their online email form.​​