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Atla welcomes submissions of scholarly publications in religion & theology for inclusion in our index and full-text research tools.

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The Atla Community is comprised of publishers, libraries, and individuals who contribute, partner, and donate to our research tools and member projects.

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Atla offers multiple ways to get your products and services into the hands of theological librarians around the world.

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Promote your publications and services to hundreds of librarians, libraries, and those who study religion and theology around the world.

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Recent Product News

Work with Atla to Index Essay Collections

Submit your essay collections for indexing in Atla Religion Database (Atla RDB®), a database available to approximately 1,500 subscribers in more than 70 countries.

Quaker Religious Thought: A Conversation with Dr. Jon R. Kershner

Atla Product Specialist Cristina Ochoa “sat down” with Dr. Jon R. Kershner to talk about his work in revitalizing the crucial journal Quaker Religious Thought.

Focus on Europe: Atla Continuing Content Expansion

Atla is working to include in its research tools both scholarship about religion & theology in Europe, as well as religion and theology scholarship developed throughout Europe. Learn more!

The Enduring Value of Scholarly Research: Atla Includes Ceased Journal Titles in Research Tools 

Learn how Atla’s in-house team is committed to seeking out historically significant publications, assisting in their preservation, and ensuring their scholarly significance persists.

Research Tool Updates: Atla Annual 2020 Online

The 2019-2020 year was a busy year for our Atla products team. Learn about what we have been up to this year and what we have planned for the upcoming year!

Journal for Christian Theological Research: Opening Access to Christian Theological Scholarship

Learn all about the history, scope, and legacy of the Journal for Christian Theological Research, a ceased journal in AtlaSerials PLUS® (Atlas PLUS®).