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Product Updates

Spotlight on Resumed Titles in Atla Religion Database

by Todd Aiello

We are excited to share newly resumed titles added to Atla Religion Database. Search these titles now on EBSCOhost.

Product Updates, Research Tools

Publisher Spotlight: The Journal of Management, Spirituality, and Religion Indexed in Atla Religion Database

by Todd Aiello

What did the tragic events of September 11 have to do with creating a new journal on management, spirituality, and religion? Find out from our conversation with Professor Yochanan Altman.

Product Updates, Publisher Relationships Series, Research Tools

After they Graduate: Research Tools for Alumni & Resources for Librarians

Are you looking for ways to support your alumni? Learn about our Atla for Alum resources and ideas to assist your graduating students.

Product Updates, Research Tools

Spotlight on Interdisciplinary Titles: Religion and Science

by Todd Aiello

Todd Aiello, Atla's Product Specialist, shares interdisciplinary journal titles that relate religion & theology to scientific studies.

Product Updates, Religion and ..., Research Tools

Practice What You Preach: The Multicultural Mission of the ‘Africanus Journal’

by Cristina Ochoa

Read our interview with Drs. Bill & Aída Spencer and learn about the multicultural mission of their open access journal, 'Africanus Journal.'

Notable Titles Series, Product Updates

‘Cuadernos de teología’: A Spotlight on Latin American Theology  

by Cristina Ochoa

Learn about 'Cuadernos de teología,' a platform for Latin American theology in dialogue with the Global North. Their legacy is preserved in AtlaSerials® (Atlas®).

Ceased Titles Series, Product Updates, Research Tools

Research Tool Updates: Atla Annual 2021 Online

by Gregg Taylor

Check out the top updates to Atla's research tools and strategic initiatives in this highlight reel of the Atla Annual 2021 Online presentation.

Atla Annual, Product Updates, Research Tools

Ken Chitwood: Theologian Without Borders

by Cristina Ochoa

We spotlight thought-leader Ken Chitwood and his tripartite work as a religion scholar, a journalist, and a pastor.

Product Updates, Research Tools, Thought Leader Spotlight Series

Apuntes: Traversing Borders & Transforming Ministry  

by Cristina Ochoa

Read our interview with Dr. Paul Barton, current publisher of 'Apuntes: Reflexiones teológicas desde el contexto Hispano-Latin@.'

Notable Titles Series, Product Updates

Collectors & Connectors: Supporting the Scholarly Study of Religion & Theology

The Atla Product team recently led a webinar hosted by Library Journal in partnership with EBSCO, which you can access now.

Product Updates, Research Tools